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We are delighted to announce that we have joined forces with our sister company and are now accepting bookings for our campus-based university preparation programme. We anticipate that all lockdown restrictions will be lifted by early summer allowing our residential course to take place in July/August.

While Covid-related restrictions are likely to be lifted, students heading off to university in September 2021 will have the legacy of over a year’s disrupted studies. With many students having spent a large proportion of the year confined to online tuition and home schooling, we expect many students to feel behind in their studies and in need of some additional preparation before embarking on their degree careers. We understand the struggles students have been up against and so there will be a special focus on the ‘catch-up’ element of our University Preparation program.

Digital (Online) University Preparation

The Uni Prep will also be available via online tuition, providing students with the same support, digitally using market leading digital classroom technology (Microsoft Teams).

Introduction of University Preparation – In partnership with Oxford International college, the UK’s no.1 performing school.

This programme combines the UK’s most innovative and impactful educational offerings into a single unique experience. The programme is designed for students who are targeting top ranking universities as well as medical schools in the UK and around the world.

Oxford International College’s highly successful University Preparation Programme has delivered unparalleled university destinations – this year it has achieved 100% success rates for applications to medical school in the UK and worldwide, and G5 universities (Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial, UCL, LSE).

This Programme will include:

  • University admissions test preparation (e.g., UCAT, BMAT LNAT etc).
  • University interview preparation (Oxford, Cambridge, Medical School).

Students joining us in Summer 2021 will benefit from:

  • Experienced tutors to help them with bridging gaps in the schooling.
  • Small group tuition – typical size 2-4 students, with a maximum of 6.
  • Revision course designed to help students make up for “lost” schooling.
  • Assisting students prepare for the upcoming academic year.
  • All major exam boards offered.
  • Detailed feedback on practice exams/written work

Money Back Guarantee

In the event that our residential summer school is unable to proceed as a result of covid-related restrictions, all bookings will receive a money back guarantee, as well as the ability to choose from our online offerings or accrue credit for a course in the future.

The Location:

Our residential revision programme will be held at one of our premium boarding school sites in Oxford:

Our Oxford Sites:

  • St Edwards School
  • d’Overbroeck’s School

The Dates:

  • Week 1: Mon 26th to Fri 30th July
  • Week 2: Mon 2nd to Fri 6th Aug
  • Week 3: Mon 9th to Fri 13th Aug

You may book 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

University Preparation Fees

  • Online: £1,050 per week (group) / £1,260 (one-to-one)
  • Day only: £1,140 per week (group) / £1,370 (one-to-one)
  • Residential: £1,450 per week (group) / £1,750 (one-to-one)

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Thank you for the feedback and for taking such good care of my son.  His feedback was that he had the time of his life and we can see that he is very inspired about stepping it up with his studies.  As before, your program was impeccable both as an academic experience and a super fun time.  I’m sure we’ll be in touch again very soon.  Please extend our best regards & thanks to his teachers.


Why choose to attend a Summer Course?

Although it is great to enjoy some time off over the summer holidays, it is also a great idea to keep your studies active! A Summer Course with Oxford Science Studies isn’t just a chance to revise material covered last year but to gain a fresh insight into material that will follow in the coming year. It is the perfect chance to get a head start on new material, key if you are moving from GCSE or IGCSE up to IB or A Level, where the difference in content and knowledge required can be quite substantial.

With the outbreak of Covid-19 leading to the closure of schools, students have missed out on fundamental teaching time and face to face contact.  Our interactive online course offers them the chance to spend time with a specialist, working through any questions that may have come about during their recent home schooling.  The aim of these courses is to put the student in the best possible position for the forthcoming academic year – catch up, revise and prepare.

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