About Us

We are revision specialists running courses for GCSE, IGCSE, A Level and IB students during school holidays. We are the only organisation in the UK to offer three residential revision courses a year during the Easter, Summer and Christmas holidays. We also run non-residential revision courses during the three half-term breaks

Oxford Science Studies was founded in 1997 by a group of tutors from Oxford University. As our name suggests, we originated as science specialists, but over the years we have expanded to offer most of the common school subjects.

We have a core of over 100 tutors, who we believe are the best in the business. They are mainly full time private tutors, school teachers or PhD students. Some of our tutors are A Level and GCSE examiners, and most are Oxford graduates who know what it takes to achieve top grades. This does not mean that we cater only for the 'high flyers'. We will help all students of any level or ability to reach their maximum potential in exams. Many of our science tutors are currently, or have been, involved in academic research, which often enables them to bring special insight and enthusiasm to their subject!

We focus on individual examination units, specified on booking.  This allows our students to select the exact unit they wish to revise, and not to waste time on units they are confident in, or in which they have already achieved a satisfactory grade in a previous exam sitting.

Radcliffe Camera in the fogWhy choose us?

Small study groups
In 2018, for those students booked in for small group tuition, 73% benefitted from one to one tuition and less than 6% of our classes had four to six students in them. We can arrange for guaranteed one to one tuition by request during our half-term courses. Our small class sizes enable us to tailor courses to suit the individual needs of each student.

Exam board specific A Level revision
We guarantee that every 50 minute tutorial will cover topics from the specific exam boards and papers selected by each student. If we are not absolutely certain that all students in a group are compatible, we will prefer to separate the group and teach by individual tuition if necessary.  Unlike most revision course providers, any of our students receiving individual tuition will not have their contact hours reduced, nor will we cancel a course, should no other students enrol.

Nearly 100% of our students would recommend us to a friend
If, after having looked through our website, you have any doubts regarding the quality of our courses, we will be glad to put you in touch with students who studied the same subjects as you during one of our previous revision courses during the last year. As nearly 100% of our students say they would recommend us to a friend, we do not need to be too selective as to whose name we give you!

Oxford International College and Oxford Summer Academy

We are closely linked and share premises with Oxford International College and Oxford Summer Academy - indeed many of us work across all three organisations. Oxford International College offers private sixth form education for UK and international students wishing to study full time under the tutorial system (one-to-one teaching). The Oxford Summer Academy runs academic and cultural summer courses in Oxford every July and is ideal for High School students wishing to experience what it might be like to study in Oxford. Through the interaction of these three educational establishments, we are able to offer students a tailored way to structure their studies and achieve their aims.

Vacancies at Oxford Science Studies