Information for the safeguarding of students

Table of Contents

Guide for Conduct

We ask that all students follow the below guidelines:

  • Punctuality: We expect students to arrive on time for all tutorials and study periods. Where students are in a group the tutor will start without any late students.
  • Clothing: There is no formal dress code, though we would ask that students are dressed appropriately, that they consider their surroundings and that they do not wear offensive or potentially revealing items of clothing.
  • Alcohol: There is a strict no alcohol policy for all students, regardless of their age.
  • Smoking: There is a strict no smoking/vaping policy for all students aged 17 and below. For those 18 and above, smoking/vaping is only allowed in the designated smoking areas. Students are NOT allowed to smoke or vape inside their rooms or boarding houses.
  • Noise: We ask that all students are respectful towards those around, remembering that other students attending are preparing for exams that may influence the rest of their lives. We ask that students are considerate in terms of noise created.
  • Wardens and Night Patrol: Our Wardens and Night Patrol staff are here for student security and to make sure rules are adhered to. We ask that students listen to them and treat them respectfully.
  • Problems: If students have problems of any sort, they should come to see us in the Course Office, we will do our absolute best to help. For Safeguarding concerns, students will be made aware as to who to contact as a Designated Safeguarding Lead.



Access to Oxford International College is restricted, all students are to be buzzed in and out of the building.

At St Edward’s School students require key codes in order to access buildings and boarding houses.  Following curfew the boarding houses are locked down, with no students able to enter or exit, except in an emergency situation or with a member of staff.  There are however no locks on bedroom doors or common rooms. We therefore advise against bringing expensive items an abundance of cash with you, that you may not wish to carry on your person.

Oxford Science Studies do no take any responsibility for valuable items brought onsite.

Rules for Safety and Peace of Mind

The majority of the rules below are in place for the purpose of a residential course.

We like to run friendly and relaxed courses and we want our students to have a good time. At the same time we need to ensure that those who want to work or sleep can do so safely and in peace. For everyone’s safety and well being there are certain rules in place.  The most important of which are as follows:

  • No alcohol anywhere on site.   Alcohol must not be consumed whilst the student is on the course (even if the student is off campus, or aged over 18).
  • No smoking/vaping anywhere on campus other than the designated smoking area for use by those students over the age 18 only.
  • No intimidation, harassment or other forms of bullying are tolerated.  Students may be removed from the course, for safeguarding purposes, if deemed necessary.
  • Students may use the common rooms/kitchens in any of the boarding houses during breaks, lunch and after lessons, but they must be in their own boarding house from 10.30pm and in their own room from 11pm to 7am.  All students must be onsite from 9pm.
  • Under no circumstances are girls allowed in boys’ rooms or boys allowed in girls’ rooms.
  • There should be no more than 3 additional students in any one bedroom, i.e. the maximum number of people in a bedroom is the number of people accommodated in the room plus 3.
  • Students aged 15 and under must remain on campus at all times, unless accompanied by a member of staff.  Any student, of any age, choosing to reside on Friday and over the weekend, on an Easter or Summer Course, is permitted to leave the course premises, without staff supervision, once timetabled classes have finished. Students aged 15 and under, are required to return to the course premises, prior to 7pm on the Sunday evening.
  • Students allowed to leave campus must sign in and out on the sheets provided.  All students leaving campus for the evening must be back onsite by 9pm.
  • Students are not allowed to use the common rooms between 11pm and 7am.
  • Day only students must have left campus by 10.30pm.
  • Students should be considerate of their surroundings, not making noise between 11pm and 8am. This includes talking to roommates, using phones and listening to music or videos.
  • Students may not move bedroom without permission (if students wish to swap, they must contact the office staff for fire safety reasons).
  • Students are to keep their room and the common rooms tidy – the cleaners are not there to clean up after them.
  • Any damage or mess will be the responsibility of those who created it – when necessary students will be billed for repair or cleaning work.
  • Setting off fire alarms or tampering with fire/safety equipment will result in a fine (minimum of £50) and being sent home/off campus immediately.
  • Students may not move any furniture or bedding or attempt to removed such items from any building.
  • If students wish to leave the course early they need to contact the Course Office.
  • All students are given a lanyard to wear on our Easter and Summer Courses.  There is a £10 refundable fee applied to the invoice for this.  The refund is made upon completion of the course and successful return of the lanyard.  In some cases, the £10 will not be refunded and an additional £25 may be charged for lost lanyards.

Please note that violation of any of the above rules may result in the student being immediate expulsion without refund.  Where possible the student will be allowed to continue with the course on a day only basis.

Designated Safeguarding Lead

Oxford Science Studies is dedicated to the safety and well being of all students. If you have an urgent safeguarding concern for one of our students or if you are a student in need of urgent assistance, you can contact our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL).  Depending on the course, there may be a number of officers available.

For all courses:

  • James Blencowe – Course & Admissions Coordinator

To seek safeguarding assistance please call 01865 240637 and ask for one of the above contacts.