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Based in a city renowned for its academic excellence, we are Revision Specialists, offering revision courses for GCSE, IGCSE, IB and A Level students.  Running successful revision courses is our primary focus and something that we have been doing since our founding in 1997.

Founded in 1997, Oxford Science Studies was initially set up by academics with a strong interest in education.  As the name suggests, Oxford Science Studies originated as specialists in Science, though have expanded over the years and are now revision specialists for the majority of subjects.  Focusing solely on its courses, Oxford Science Studies are experts at organising tailor-made revision courses, available during the Half Term and holiday periods to allow students the opportunity for continued growth and consolidation of knowledge, believing it fundamental to revise as you go, rather than leaving it all to the last minute.

The Method

The Courses

Offering courses throughout the academic year allows students the chance to be best prepared for when the exams do come around.  Students can start in the summer, getting up to speed for the year ahead and back into the swing of academic life.  Autumn Half Term and Christmas & New Year courses allow for consolidation of new material, a chance to build confidence and overcome any areas of worry. Starting the new year in good stead, lessens the pressure of the upcoming exam season and Spring Half Term, Easter and May Weekend Course offerings ensure that there is time to focus on a thorough overview of the years material, focus on exam technique and all essential exam practice and continue study tips such as time management.

We strive for all students to have a beneficial and enjoyable experience.  Our classes are specific.  Our application forms aim to identify not only the students required subjects, but also their exam boards of study, their level of ability (for GCSE/IGCSE), their year of study and in some cases chosen paper, period or text.  We focus on specific requirements allowing students to focus on the exact paper or topic they need to, not wasting their time in areas they are already confident in or for which they have already achieved a satisfactory grade.  We are proud to offer a friendly and informal atmosphere, with tutors keen to make students feel at ease, in a way that they are open to making attempts when unsure on an answer or not be afraid to ask for help/further clarity.

Student addressing the class.

The Structure

Courses are intensive providing a structured timetable and environment, geared towards concentrated study and away from distractions. Our teaching approach is based on the tutorial system employed by the universities of Oxford and Cambridge, involving small study groups, each with their own expert tutor.  Some courses even offer the option of guaranteed one to one tuition, though even for group tuition the maximum timetabled class size ever is six.

At Oxford Science Studies we believe in small group sizes, enabling us to tailor courses to suit the individual needs of a student, taking into account the ability of each student and any particular problems they may be experiencing with a subject.

Tutorials last no longer than 50 minutes, which we have found to be the optimum length in terms or student concentration.  Courses combine tutorials and independent exam practice, exercising that teach and test method we know works so well.  Sadly having the knowledge of a subject is not enough, this must be combined with an ability to demonstrate this in exams. Our timetable allows for consolidation of material via tutorials and key exam practice, with students set exam questions relating to the topics covered, to get their ideas down on paper and gain real life familiarity with the kind of questions they will face.  Not only does this potentially uncover gaps in knowledge, not yet identified, but it also enables our tutors to assess how the student will perform in exams and identify any deficiencies.  Students and parents benefit from receiving electronic reports, post course, detailing areas covered and recommendations for further study, so that they can continue their progress even after the course.

The Tutors

We have a core of tutors, many of whom work for us course on course and who we know are experts in what they do!  Most are full time private tutors, school teachers or PhD students, some even teach at our sister organisation Oxford International College and some are GCSE or A Level examiners.  Our tutors are keen to show their enthusiasm for their subject and impart knowledge, having great knowledge of their respective areas and of the exam requirements.

The Experience

For those longer courses, generally over Easter and Summer, we also offer a residential experience.  A great opportunity for students to make friends, meeting those from other walks of life or occasionally, unexpectedly, bumping into someone from their own school!  Students are offered the privacy of a single room, perhaps a quiet sanctuary for further evening study, or shared rooms to develop on a social level too.  Residential courses still offer that same structured and intensive academic day but give space for some enjoyment, socialising and relaxation in the evening, with an entertainment programme on offer to include exploration trips of Oxford or perhaps a trip to the cinema.

Meet The Team

Our Management and Administrative Staff have more than 35 years combined experience, organising and running successful revision courses at Oxford Science Studies.  We dedicate our time to revision and tuition courses and are always looking to offer the best available service.  We are able to quickly adapt to the changing environment and have been successful in expanding our offering, now including online course delivery.


Nick Strugnell
Managing Director


Natasha Berger
Operations & Course Director

James Blencowe - Headshot

James Blencowe
Course & Admissions Coordinator

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Zoe Downey
Recruitment Manager


Kirsty Donaldson
Marketing Manager for Short Courses

Marshall Martin

Marshall Martin
Residential Manager

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Nicky Downey
Programme Manager for OICA

Emma Thompsett

Emma Thompsett
Admissions Coordinator for OICA

Our Family

Oxford Science Studies is sister to Oxford International College, an independent sixth form college offering A Level and GCSE, and OIC Academy (OICA), a short course programme provider offering bespoke online courses.  Together we form Oxford International School.  Oxford International College provide students with an open and stimulating study environment in a city that has been renowned for academic excellence for almost 1,000 years, preparing students for competitive degrees at the world’s top universities.  OICA provide year-round services for online subject tuition and university preparation.  As you can see from the staff photos above, OXSS and OICA work very closely alongside each other, sometimes supporting the same students throughout the year.

We are always interested in hearing from  passionate individuals, who may wish to join us as a Tutor, Residential Warden or Evening Entertainment Team Member.