Course Details

The Location:
Oxford International College

The Dates:
The dates for our 2020 course are TBC

The Fees:
The fees for our 2020 course are TBC

The Offer:
This is a day only course, with no accommodation available.
This course offers small group or guaranteed one-to-one tuition.
Students are able to focus on one subject/paper per day.

My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the two days and has already noticed the benefit. She had to complete an essay on respiration and thanks to the extra tuition was able to give a much more detailed response.


Why choose to attend an Autumn Half Term Revision Course?

It may seem odd to consider a revision course so soon after the start of term.  Making the most of the Autumn Half Term however can be beneficial in ensuring that the initial content covered has been understood, setting a good grounding for the terms to following.  This can be especially helpful when moving from GCSE or IGCSE to A Level, where the difference in knowledge and skill can be quite dramatic.

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