Autumn Half Term Revision Courses

Course Details

Having just started the academic year, it may seem a strange time to attend a revision course.  We think it’s a great idea.  Here at Oxford Science Studies we believe that continual consolidation of learning is a key element of exam success, starting from the very beginning.  The Autumn Half Term Revision Course is a great opportunity for students to process the new content learnt so far, overcoming any early confusion with expert tutors as their guide.

The Benefits

  • Help with all levels, be that revision for GCSE, IGCSE, IB or A Level
  • Create a bespoke timetable, selecting the specific subjects and papers to suit your revision needs, with the chance to focus on both subject content and exam practice, and maybe even touch on exam technique
  • Spend time with expert, experienced tutors in a friendly and relaxed learning environment.  Students feel comfortable, and are more at ease to ask pressing questions and gain the individual help they need
  • Fit revision in around your holiday plans, selecting dates and a course delivery to suit you, with face to face and online revision courses available
  • Choose from small group or guaranteed one to one tuition
"An excellent resource for students, both my children have greatly benefitted from the OXSS holiday revision courses at GCSE and A Level and I would highly recommend them."
Mrs Smith
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The Location

This is a non-residential course.  Taking place either at Oxford International College (1 London Place, Oxford, OX4 1BD) or online

The Dates:

Students may attend for 1 to 9 days of study, across the following dates:

  • Saturday 26th October to Sunday 3rd November

The Fees:

  • £TBC per day for small group* tuition (face to face only)
  • £TBC per day for guaranteed one-to-one tuition (face to face and online)

*Maximum of 6 students timetabled for small group tuition, though the average is usually considerably smaller

The Subjects:

Most classroom subjects offered at GCSE, IGCSE, IB and A Level.

The Timetable:

Please see the below example timetable, demonstrating a four day revision course.  Students may select one subject/paper per day. 

Our trusted teach and test method allows students to review subject content, working through troubling areas with our expert tutors, then putting their learning into practice via exam style questions during the independent exam practice.  This method allows students to confirm their understanding, identify any other trouble areas, and gain experience answering the type of questions that will feature in the exam, in an environment that provides them with support and feedback, aiming to build their confidence. 

We believe that a 50 minute tutorial is optimum for concentration and our timetable provides sufficient breaks to ensure that students remain refreshed, throughout the day and ready for learning.  Following the course, our expert tutors complete detailed feedback reports, to support the student with their onward study.

Tuition is held at the location of our sister company, Oxford International College.  A vibrant place to learn, with newly renovated classrooms and communal working spaces.  Located in the St Clement’s area of central Oxford there are convenient bus links to London and it is within walking distance of the train station.