Terms & Conditions

  1. Oxford Science Studies is committed to promoting equal opportunities for all participants.

  2. By submitting the online application form you are confirming you want a place on the course.

  3. The reservation will be fully confirmed once we receive full payment of the course fees.

  4. We reserve the right to cancel or amend a reservation if a course should become unavailable. In such circumstances you will be informed as soon as possible and offered an alternative course. If you do not wish to book the alternative course we will refund any course fees in full.

  5. We reserve the right to modify individual timetables from the general timetable published in our publicity material. In this event the total number of contact hours with a tutor will not be reduced.

  6. In the unlikely scenario that a tutor becomes unavailable on the day of the course, we will do our best to continue with these classes with an alternative tutor. If this is not possible, we will make up the lessons or offer a refund for the lessons that will be missed. We are unable to refund any travel/accommodation costs that have been incurred.

  7. Oxford Science Studies offer an Evening Entertainment Programme, also known as ENTZ, on all residential courses. Participation in this programme is compulsory for any student under the age of 16. A choice of activities will be available, including but not exclusive to offsite trips, sports activities, arts and crafts. There is an option to opt out of any activities, however, any student under the age of 16 will not be permitted offsite, unless in an organised offsite activity. Students partake in their chosen activity at their own risk. Oxford Science Studies will not be liable for loss or damage to personal property or injuries to persons, however caused, except when such liability is expressly imposed beyond exclusion by statute.
    – Oxford Science Studies reserves the right to change the schedule of activities, at any time, and to limit the choice of activities available to students, whose behaviour we deem unacceptable.- There will be no scheduled programme over the weekend on an Easter or Summer Course. Any student, of any age, choosing to reside on Friday and over the weekend, is permitted to leave the course premises, without staff supervision, once timetabled classes have finished. Students under the age of 16, are required to return to the course premises, prior to 7pm on the Sunday evening.

  8. Oxford Science Studies accepts no responsibility for students who leave the premises at which the revision course is running. You as the parent/guardian or agent, agree and understand that your student may leave the premises without staff supervision, e.g. during lunch or upon departure. Should adult supervision be required, the onus is on you to make such arrangements. During a residential course, those students under the age of 16 are not permitted by Oxford Science Studies to leave the premises without staff supervision, that is with the exception of their departure from the course and in the scenario as set out in point 7 of these Terms and Conditions.  Whilst the course is running any student, aged 16 and over, that chooses to leave campus for the evening must be back onsite by 9pm.

  9. Parents and guardians accept full liability for any loss or damage caused by students through misbehaviour or neglect.

  10. We reserve the right to require the immediate withdrawal of any student whose behaviour we deem to be unacceptable, without refund of fees.  By agreeing to these Terms & Conditions, you (on behalf of the student) are also agreeing to the rules, as set out here and detailed under ‘Rules for Safety and Peace of Mind’.  Please ensure that the student is fully aware of the rules, before attending.

  11. Please note that we operate a ‘no complaint – no refund’ policy. This means that if we are not informed of an issue as soon as possible whist it is occurring, we cannot retrospectively offer a refund or alternative solution. For example, if a student has an issue with their tutorials, we need to be informed whilst these specific lessons are still taking place. We pride ourselves on the quality of the courses; if there is an issue we would like the opportunity to address it during the course.

  12. In the event of cancellation of our set courses (Half Term, Christmas, Easter and Summer), the following refunds* will be given:
    – Over 4 weeks before the course commences: 100% refund minus any banking fees and a £75 non-refundable deposit
    – Between 4 and 2 weeks before the course commences: 60% refund
    – Between 14 and 7 days before the course commences: 30% refund
    – 6 days or less before the course commences: no refund
    – If you do not turn up on the day the course commences there will be no refund
    *These refunds are based on the first day of each course, and not the first day the student will attend: i.e. day 1 of week 1, even if the student is attending in week 3. If you booked during our Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sale no refund will be given, instead a credit which can be applied towards a future course. Any cancellation, or requests for change, to our Year Round Tuition classes with less than 48 hours notice (Monday – Friday) will not be rearranged or refunded. Please note the onus is entirely on the parent or guardian to claim the refund. All refunds must be claimed within 1 month of the finish of the course.

  13. If we are unable to run our face to face courses due to the impact of COVID-19:
    – Where possible, the course will switch to an online course delivery
    – A credit towards a future course, or refund, will be issued to those customers who have elected not to switch to online
    – A credit towards a future course, or refund, for any difference in fees will be available to those customers who have elected to switch to online
    Please note that if you cancel the course due to COVID-19 the usual cancellation policy applies, as detailed above in point 12.

  14. If a student becomes unwell, either before the course or whilst on it, and is therefore unable to attend classes no refund will be given. If a student has sickness and/or diarrhoea, they may be excluded from classes/social activities to avoid making other students unwell for 48 hours after their last symptom, and may be asked to leave the course for the welfare of the other students and staff.

  15. Students from outside the U.K. will need to arrange their own medical insurance. Please note that by sending this application you are confirming that you have or will be arranging travel and medical insurance as you feel is appropriate and you understand the Oxford Science Studies does not offer any form of insurance other than the legally required public liability.

  16. Oxford Science Studies reserves the right to refuse admission to any course without explanation. Applicants do not have the right to appeal.

  17. Any deposits are non-refundable and only transferable to credit to be used on other courses within a 12 month period.