Praise for our Easter courses

"I’d just like to say thank you for the Easter revision course that Rachael attended this year to do English and Geography. She achieved an A in both subjects, and according to her teachers she was just 2.5 and 2 marks respectively off an A*. Thanks again for a very fruitful course!" Mrs. D, High Wycombe, Easter 2018

 "Thank you for sending the reports for each area - did not expect that and was pleasantly surprised. He really enjoyed his experience with Oxford Science Studies and I can not recommend it enough to friends. Hope he comes back in the future for potential A level studies. :)"  Mrs. I, London, Easter 2018

 "It gave me an opportunity to re-learn sections that my course teachers hadn't fully explained, or explained in a way that didn't help me. I was far more productive than I would have been at home and gained confidence by seeing lots of exam papers and getting to know the structure. All the tutors were confident with discussing the course material and happy to try several different approaches to help further my understanding. Regards and thanks again for a superb week at Easter. OXSS has made a huge difference to her confidence and ability to apply her knowledge of content to the exam questions." Mrs. F, Cheltenham, Easter 2018

 "I would like to thank you and your colleagues for the most fantastic experience that our Son has enjoyed in Oxford.  The first thing he said to me on getting into the car was that he wanted to get a summer job and earn enough money to pay for a week next year himself, it had been that good!" Mr. M, England, Easter 2018

 "Our son has really enjoyed his stay. He told us that the teachers were fantastic. We would like to thank you all for the good time he has spent and the help in his studies. We are sure he will come back!" Mr. L , Germany, Easter 2018

 "I just wanted to thank you for a really excellent course over the Easter hols. It was everything we had hoped it would be - great education and good fun. He really enjoyed it and is already talking about doing the course again next Easter. What is also really nice is his whole approach to learning has improved - the course gave him confidence in Maths." Mrs. West Sussex, Easter 2017

 "I would like to say how pleased we were with the course at OXSS - the quality of teaching was superb and has really inspired him to get cracking with the work! It was quite a minefield choosing a course as there were so many of them - we got you through recommendation - and we were not disappointed." Mrs. Essex, Easter 2017

"Our daughter, who attended 2 sessions with you earlier this year has had her results...a very big thank you to her tutors... 7 A*'s ,1 A**, and 1 A in her GCSE's...she tells us that it was particularly noticeable that she felt so supported in the subjects that your tutors focussed on...all sciences, so please pass on our congratulations to them for another success they have contributed so much to!!"  Mrs. N, Derbyshire, Multiple Courses 2017

"My daughter got a C in her AS Maths, so can now continue to A2. We are absolutely delighted as her school refused to raise her predicted grade from E. Sadly, many of her peers failed so we know that it was her OXSS courses that made all the difference. In particular she said that she was totally confident when she opened the paper as she knew exactly what to expect and look for." Mrs. Cheltenham, Multiple Courses 2017

 “I just wanted to let you know that my son who attended 1:1 tuition in October 2015 and a group course in March 2016 at OXSS has successfully passed his Cambridge IGCSE's. We are very grateful for the help and motivation he has received from the excellent teachers at your centre which certainly contributed substantially to his success in these exams despite his dyslexia. Thank you again very much. He will certainly come back to OXSS for some IB revision!” Mrs. Germany, Multiple Courses 2015/16/17

 "Just wanted to say that Bethan found last week extremely helpful, big lift in her confidence, she came back buzzing.  Already talking about opportunities to return next year.  I think the week will really make a difference to her studies and hopefully results." Mr Bristol, Easter 2016

 "Our son  thoroughly enjoyed the camp. He made such good friends, that he’s still keeping in touch with them!  We were overall very pleased. Thank you to all the staff that made the week run smoothly!" Michelle K. from Geneva, Easter 2016

 "I have received this text from my son after his first day on your course: ‘This place is so awesome. Amazing houses and buildings, really nice people and productive lessons! Thanks so much for getting me a place here." Mrs W, Easter 2016

"I thought you might like to know that Charlie, who attended maths and science revision with you last Easter, passed both exams at B grade. We are delighted. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help, pastoral care combined with teaching is something that doesn't always come in one package, thank you very much. I will do my best to spread the word about Oxford Science Studies. Thanks again."  Mrs Derbyshire, Easter 2015

"Our experience of OXSS was fantastic and we are delighted our kids had the experience. The pre-course support was fantastic and really helpful. Our son aged 17 and 15 year daughter loved it, from arrival to departure. The classes were very informative with great teachers and helped build their confidence.  They both made lots of friends and had a great time with the social agenda , despite the academic work expectations. They would give OXSS an A* and look forward to returning next year. As parents we would not have asked for anything else." The Dullaghan family , Geneva 

 "Max attended your Easter week's French revision course and turned a 'U' grade mock AS into a 'B' grade in the actual AS. He'd lost confidence in his French, chiefly by not having grasped some of the basics. The tutoring you provided allowed him to ask the stupid questions without embarrassment and cover his knowledge gaps. When he got back to school he was firing on all cylinders. Please can you pass on the terrific result to his tutor. Thank you and we will no doubt be seeing you again at Easter." 

"Thank you so much for a truly incredible fortnight.  Lucy has learnt so much from such expert tuition and her reports have been an absolutely joy to read. I can't thank the tutors enough for their kindness. We really do feel that the fortnight Lucy spent with you will be beneficial to her examination results but whatever the end result, it will be an experience that she will never forget.  She has made some wonderful new friends from all walks of life from around the globe and has been given the opportunity to develop both academically and socially. I know she is already looking forward to returning next year."  Mrs MacKay

 "Ziad has enjoyed his Oxford experience tremendously and wants to repeat it. The course has obviously made a great impact on his commitment to school work and preparation for GCSE tests."  Mr Alsharif

"Alice was very fired up on her return and has said many times how much she enjoyed her week. She was very impressed with her tutor finding his approach "inspirational". We are all very grateful to everyone at OXSS."  Jeremy 

"Thank you to you and all the team for a brilliant week. My daughter learnt a lot, enjoyed herself and met some nice people. She wants to come back next year for two weeks! I think it has helped her exam preparation and her confidence."  Mrs O

 "I loved my time at the Easter Revision Course - the structured daily timetable helped strike the right balance between revision, study sessions and entertainment. Having one on one tutoring allowed me to focus on my specific problems, which is difficult in a normal classroom environment. Having time on my schedule which was specifically dedicated to completing practice papers helped me to practice exam-style technique and how to relate my answers to the question. OXSS must have done something right, I got 100% in the biology, physics and chemistry modules which I studied on the Easter revision course!"  Karina

"I enjoyed the revision course in Oxford when I was there during my last holiday. I will definitely visit you again in the next year, and moreover I would highly recommend the course to all my friends."

"We do believe that Frankie has developed his exam skill and learning technique after the tutorial. We would like to make special thanks to the tutor for his excellent teaching to Frankie. Overall, our son definitely learned the exam skill and subject main points for the coming GCSE. We are also glad to learn that our son made some friends with other students from various part of the world which widens his horizon of the world! Thank you so much indeed!" C.T. Choi

"I just wanted to say another HUGE THANK YOU to you and your team for Isabelle’s time with you last week. She found the tutors incredibly supportive and feels they have helped her maintain her focus for the weeks ahead. I would be very grateful if you pass on my particular thanks to the Chemistry tutor who spent time discussing Isabelle’s A Level plans with her and suggested a more appropriate combination to the one she had been considering. The reports from tutors are also incredibly helpful and their prompt arrival (1 before Isabelle arrived home) is incredibly useful. We are very lucky to have found your organisation and feel you have provided Isabelle with just the kind of academic support she needs." Anna Corbett

"My daughter attended at Easter and it gave her a lot of confidence and I believe it was the grounding she needed to improve her grade, which is what it did!!  So I will be pleased to make recommendations – she also enjoyed her week meeting others." Mrs. J.

"Just a short note to thank you and your team for supporting Nick's learning at this critical time. He has come away more knowledgeable, more confident and better able to focus his preparations for his exams. And he had a great time! The reports from your tutors were helpful for him and informative for us. But mainly, I wish to commend you all for the respect and interest you showed towards Nick. He now knows how exciting education can be when you are challenged, appreciated and encouraged in equal measure. My compliments to all - not forgetting Natasha, who as first touch administrator, was friendly, approachable and efficient. Perfect when you've messed up the online application form!" Best wishes to all." Rona Rowe

"My son had a great time and it gave him so much more enthusiasm to learn."   Mrs. E.

"We’d like to thank you and the team for all the help given to our daughter over the last week; in particular the Chemistry was brilliant and has made things that she thought were really complex make sense.  Her only complaint is that she had to come home and couldn’t stay for another week to do three more subjects!" Mrs. H.

"Delighted to say that Juliet got an A* in her Psychology. (82 for papers 1 and 2, 98 and 88 for papers 3 and 4 - AQA Psychology Syllabus B). As she was studying the course by herself, the week at Oxford was worth its weight in gold. Apart from covering subject matter and practising exam questions, the information that she was trying to learn and revise far too much was invaluable. We had no way of knowing that the exam papers always gave a choice of either/or specific alternative sections of the syllabus and that therefore a detailed knowledge of chosen topics would bear far more fruit than an overall but less detailed knowledge of the entire syllabus. This reduced her workload and anxiety considerably and focussed her study for maximum efficiency. As you can see it bore fruit. There is no way she could have achieved this A* without the Easter course. (Wish we'd done the same two years ago when she was taking her science A levels at school!) Please could you pass on our very warmest and grateful thanks to her tutors. I didn't write immediately following the course, but would like to say that all the administration, time-tabling, accommodation, meals etc. were excellent and despite Juliet's slight trepidation about doing a crammer course, she enjoyed her time and the tuition was pitched perfectly. Juliet will now be off to Liverpool (her first choice) to do combined arts - English Literature, Psychology and Politics - and is looking forward to it with great excitement. With thanks again." RC 2011