Praise for our Half-term Courses

"Thank you a lot for the reports and please send my gratitude and appreciation to the teachers. Reports are extremely useful. Anatoly is going to print them and use as a guide for further study. He loved the course and already asked me to book another one in summer. I have already recommended It to my friend for his children."  Iraida, February Half Term 2018

 "He really felt inspired and motivated after attending the sessions last week.  He learnt a lot and has moved forward with his revision and feels more confident."  Mr. G, London, February Half Term 2018

 "I must say his grades have improved markedly and last night at his parents' evening his form teacher was extremely positive. So thank you." Mr. J, England, Multiple Courses 2017

"My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the two days and has already noticed the benefit.  She had to complete an essay on respiration and thanks to the extra tuition was able to give a much more detailed response."  Mrs. F, Cheltenham, October Half Term 2017

"I was really impressed by William's response to the classes, he found them really stimulating and enjoyed the personalities of the tutors which added an extra dimension. He's found it has really given him a boost now he’s back at school." Michelle, October Half Term 2017

"Just wanted to say thanks to you and the team as my son got his GCSE results today and he got a 9 in English Literature. He was over the moon and I'm sure in part it was down to the work you did with him. So thanks. Money well spent.  He really had no belief in his ability in English before he came to your sessions but the tutors truly gave him the confidence and belief that he had the knowledge and helped him understand how to plan and create responses to the exam questions. To take him from his 5 in his mocks to a 9 is incredible." Mrs. H, Reading, May Weekends 2017 and other courses.

 “I just wanted to say a huge thank you for Jacob's amazing learning experience with OXSS.  It's been such a fantastic confidence builder for him and I've been really impressed with the tutors who seemed to have grasped his weak points very quickly.  The system of working through questions and having the feedback has been invaluable as his school teachers have done little of this.” Mrs. London, May Weekends 2017

“We feel our son gained an enormous amount from his sessions with your tutors and his confidence has grown too.  With many thanks for your help with arranging everything.” Mrs. Oxford, May Weekends 2017

“I can honestly say I have never seen my daughter so enthusiastic about a day's study as she was yesterday, when I picked her up! She was positively glowing! She kept on saying "but he actually taught me things, he was brilliant, I really learned new stuff"…She was delighted with the day, the tutor clearly helped her both in terms of knowledge and understanding, but also gave her a bit more confidence in he own ability as well, so it was a great success. We hope she gets the chance to do this again next year, in the second year of her A Level English studies.” Mrs. Newbury, May Weekends 2017

“Initial feedback from my son was incredibly positive. He had a great day doing English Language and an even better day doing Shakespeare; I never thought I'd hear him so comfortable about tackling Shakespeare!! Massive thanks to the tutor; she really encouraged him and engaged him and he really enjoyed his day.  He actually believes he can do well now, which is an unusual comment in English!!” Mrs H, Reading, February HT 2017

"Many thanks for the report.  All I can say is Wow!  My son and I were talking about this last night and he says that he feels, in the 3 days he came to your revision workshops, he got more out of the subjects than he has in the year of being in his current school."  Mrs P, England, February HT 2017  

 "They really enjoyed their time in Oxford. We would like to thank you very much to you and all the staff for the welcoming environment and productive work during last week.  All three were very pleased with the course and willing to go back soon!" Mrs G, Portugal, October HT 2015

 "Thank you very much for all of the help you have given me over the past four years . I can't wait to start at St Anne's (Oxford) this October and I'm sure your excellent courses enabled me to achieve my A-level grades of four As. I am extremely grateful for the support and superb teaching I received from your courses. Many thanks and best wishes"  Sarah C.

 “My daughter really enjoyed her sessions and felt them to be very helpful.” Mrs C 

"My daughter, did a one day course for History A2  earlier this year as her teachers had reported that the standard of her essays had dropped to a 'low C' grade. I'm glad to say that she got an A grade in her History A Level. I have absolutely no doubt that the help and advice on essay writing and technique that she received from OXSS enabled her to raise the standard of her work." Mrs. T. 

"My son told me he had a great time on the course and found it really useful. He said his tutor was excellent. Thank you for your help." Mrs. S.

"Thank you very much, just to let you know that Karl enjoyed the courses very much, great teachers, excellent support, couldn't be better. Your courses had already been helpful for our first son (IB revision last year) and now for Karl and we will certainly use it even earlier for our daughter." Dr. S.

"The tuition Alexandra took in your school is fantastic. It has helped her in grasping the concept of preparing for exam. She is better organised and showing more confidence regarding her work now. I can't thank you and all the staff enough specially (Catherine Coldstream), whom made the first day very relax and enjoyable for Alexandra."