Praise for our Summer School

"Thank you for the feedback and for taking such good care of my son.  His feedback was that he had the time of his life and we can see that he is very inspired about stepping it up with his studies.  As before, your program was impeccable both as an academic experience and a super fun time.  I'm sure we'll be in touch again very soon.  Please extend our best regards & thank yous to his teachers." Mrs. G, Greece, Summer 2017 

 "I would like to thank you for working with me, and provide a little bit of feedback: My boys were ecstatic about the high level of tutoring in their classrooms at OXSS. They both were enjoying every day of classes, as well as activities after the school. Lecturers were well prepared. Boys told me that they have never felt as motivated to study . They both learnt a lot in their study subjects, and it was accomplished in a very short time. They found tutorials much superior to that in their school. I think that this is the best outcome I could hope for them." Mr. P, Spain, Summer 2017

 "She did really well in her A levels gaining A* Psychology, A Chemistry A Biology and is pursuing a first degree in Physiotherapy and then probably post grad medicine.  She credits the Summer School Course 2016 as playing a large part in this success preparing her extremely well for A2 and providing excellent content, practice and feedback which gave her confidence and a solid grounding.  I think her exact words when she got her results were ‘credit to the tutors at the Summer School, they were brilliant!’ Thank you for your company's contribution to her success." Mrs S, Hong Kong, Multiple Courses 2016

 "I am so incredibly touched at reading the two reports.  I cannot thank the entire team enough, for an incredibly fruitful week had with OXSS.  On pick up he even asked if he was going back at Easter!  Please pass on my sincere gratitude to all involved.  I am very pleased to hear of his effort, attitude and progress. Mrs. Dorset, Summer 2016

 "Please extend our grateful thanks to the tutors. He has benefitted a lot from the tuition and has been inspired even more by OXSS to be the best that he can be.  Thanks to you and the team for all your hard work."  Mrs. London, Summer 2016

 "Please could you pass on my thanks to the tutor. My daughter found the course very useful and enjoyed it much more than she expected!" Mrs. Oxford, Summer 2016

 "He had the most fantastic time on the course - he really enjoyed it and has told lots of his friends about it too."  Mrs. M, Summer 2016

"Fantastic course, really worth it, thank you!"  Student Anon, Summer 2016

"Just wanted to give you some feedback regarding the summer school course - I was impressed from the very beginning with the communication and organisation, I was quite confident that the three boys would find the course useful but I had no idea they would find it so enjoyable.  My son had a very good rapport with the three tutors and he felt each one had offered him both personal and valuable tutoring.  lt was a great week for all three of them.  Thank you for your help in organising it." Mrs M, Summer 2015

 "We are so grateful for the opportunity you provided for our son. Many thanks for looking after him, he loved his stay. He said his one week learning from you is equivalent to school's six months. Proud of your establishment." Mr Muktadir, Summer 2015

"My son, Alex, attended the Summer School at St Edwards during the second week and found it both thoroughly enjoyable as well as very helpful for his studies. He was very well looked after by your staff and would love to return again. I would like to thank you for the outstanding care and attention he was given. Alex is returning to school with a very positive attitude and increased confidence. Once more many thanks."  Mrs B

  "As a dyslexic I find revision hard, with so much information to take in at once. The course helped me revise all my subjects allowing me to apply the skill I learnt by breaking down subjects into smaller sections. This helped me so much I achieved 3 A*s, 5 As and 3 Bs at GCSE which I am thrilled with. Without the revision course I do not think I would have gained the confidence in my science subjects and would not have done so well, therefore I would like to thank you. I appreciate the hard work that you put into running the course as it has helped me and I am sure it has helped many other students like myself ""  Francesa K.

 "My daughter, did a one day course for History A2  earlier this year as her teachers had reported that the standard of her essays had dropped to a 'low C' grade. I'm glad to say that she got an A grade in her History A Level. I have absolutely no doubt that the help and advice on essay writing and technique that she received from OXSS enabled her to raise the standard of her work." Mrs T

  "I can confirm that my daughter is ending her first week at your premises and is very happy with the summer courses as well as of the organisation and atmosphere at St. Edwards."  Mr De Benedetti

"I was extremely pleased that I could attend the summer course at Oxford. I feel as though it helped me to mentally prepare for my oncoming exams. I feel very positive towards my exams as the course has enabled me to strengthen my knowledge and helped with my revision. I'm very much looking forward to my all my science exams as the teachers at Oxford had wonderful methods of teaching and were sure to support me in my areas of weakness. I also enjoyed the entertainment evenings and thought the entertainment team provided an enjoyable environment and allowed us to take a break. I would definitely like to come to another course as I feel as though I strongly benefited from it. I would just like to say a quick thank you to all the teachers, and adults who helped me during this course as I am sure I will now be able to strengthen the ways I learn and revise and use them in my oncoming exams."  Abigail Oladejo

"Hello again, you asked me to let you know how I got on and I got an A* in both the subjects i took at the course- only missed out a few points in History. And an A* in additional Science was great considering the appalling teaching I've had in school! Thanks again for the help- wouldn't have got those grades without it. Thank the great tutors for me!"

"I would like to thank all your tutors that helped my daughter with the UKCAT preparation classes in Oxford."

"This is a note to express my thanks for the generosity of both OXSS and St. Edwards College towards our students. The free places both on the course and accommodation offered were truly appreciated; the course had encouraged the students to pursue their IGCSE course with enthusiasm and drive. This has actually led some of the pupils to consider a boarding education for their sixth form studies. We really hope our students will be able to benefit from such a generous programme next summer."  For High Achievers, Yemisi Akindele – Coordinator

 "Anne loved coming to Oxford and to work with these great tutors on a one-to-one basis. She's so confident now and felt taken so seriously as a student. It's a fantastic institution you set up - representing the best of the British school system with all that encouraging and getting kids interested in subjects. Anne feels very well prepared to start A-levels in the UK in September and I'm immensely grateful that OXSS helped her to gain that confidence." Mrs Maiwald

"My son has enjoyed and appreciated the tuition and the whole experience, he is thoroughly impressed with OXSS and has been tremendously helped and encouraged by his tutors. I'm pretty sure that he will apply for another course later in the year. He is so boosted by his help from OXSS, and he found it very interesting meeting other students from all over the world, as well as the UK." Mrs W