Prevent Training Course

This offers an introduction to the Prevent duty and explains how it aims to safeguard vulnerable people from being radicalized to supporting terrorism or becoming terrorists themselves. This will provide an important foundation on which to develop further knowledge around the risks of radicalization and the role that you can play in supporting those at risk. This training addresses all forms of terrorism and non-violent extremism. By the end of this training, you would be able to:

  • Understand what radicalization means and why people may be vulnerable to being drawn into terrorism as a consequence of it.
  • Be aware of what we mean by the term ‘extremism’ and the relationship between extremism and terrorism.
  • Know what measures are available to prevent people from becoming drawn into terrorism and how to challenge the extremist ideology that can be associated with it.
  • Understand how to obtain support for people who may be being exploited by radicalizing influences.

This training is mandatory for all staff members, including tutors, wardens and Entertainment Team Members (Entz) who will be working for Oxford Science Studies on their revision courses. This training will approximately take 45 minutes to complete and it is valid for 2 years.

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At the end of the whole thing it tells you how to create a certificate.  Please do this as we need this on our file.  Please email it to Zoe Downey (