Our Staff

Unlike many organisations offering vacation revision courses, Oxford Science Studies just does revision courses – it is our primary and only activity. We have a full time admin team dedicated solely to creating the best courses we can, which we offer during all the main school holidays. In addition to the admin staff, we have the entertainment team, wardens and night watch for the residential courses and, most importantly, the tutors.


Dr. Chantiluke teaching on our summer course

We have a core of over 100 tutors, who we believe are the best in the business. They are mainly full time private tutors, school teachers or doctoral students. Some of our tutors are A Level and GCSE examiners, and many are Oxford graduates who know what it takes to achieve top grades. This does not mean that we cater only for the 'high flyers'. We will help all students of any level or ability to reach their maximum potential in exams. Many of our science tutors are currently, or have been, involved in academic research, which often enables them to bring special insight and enthusiasm to their subject.

The doctoral students, in addition to working for us, often will teach undergraduates at Oxford during term time. Not only are these tutors experts in their subjects they are frequently employed by Oxford University to teach some of the brightest students in the country.

Many organisations who run revision courses, do not usually interview tutors prior to employing them on their courses. We have a policy of interviewing all tutors before they first work for us.

Admin staff

There are seven key team members of the admin team.

  • Natasha Berger – Operations and Course Director
  • Kirsty Donaldson – Course and Marketing Manager
  • Catherine Chau – Course and HR Officer
  • Nick Strugnell – Managing Director
  • Mario Peters – Company Founder and Non-executive Director
  • Sarah Frazer – Residential Manager
  • Kate Mellish – Accommodation and Welfare Officer

Natasha, Kirsty and Catherine run the courses on a day-to-day basis dealing with all the logistics, timetabling, etc. before, during and after the courses. Nick is involved with the website development, online marketing and finance, in addition to this he is involved with the online strategy for Oxford International College and the Oxford Summer Academy.

Mario founded the company in 1997 and invested a great deal of time and effort in building up the business. Although Mario still frequently attends meetings, most of his time is now spent on other ventures such as the full time college, Oxford International College. The full time college was established in response to a number of happy Oxford Science Studies customers asking if we had a full time establishment.

The Entertainment (Entz) Team

Our Entz team is responsible for providing entertainment for the students during the evenings of our residential courses. For further details see the following page: Social Activities

Wardens, Night Watch and Residential Tutors

During the residential courses we have a system of wardens, night watch staff and residential tutors to look after the students overnight. Their job is to ensure the students are safe, in bed at sensible time and able to get a good night’s sleep, as well as dealing with our other issue that may arise out of office hours.