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School League Tables 2019

The Telegraph discuss the 'Best independent schools in the UK'.  We are proud to say that our sister organisation, Oxford International College, came top of the league with a 91.8% A-A* rate or equivalent at A Level.

University Clearing 2019

'Self-release' into clearing - UCAS provide detail on this new feature for 2019 

A Level Results 2019

Key things to consider after receiving your A Level Results - as explained by BBC News

GCSE Results 2018 - BBC Presenters

Watch as some familiar BBC News faces open their GCSE Results and see how they found the experience 

GCSE Results 2018

GCSE results rise despite tougher exams - BBC News discuss the GCSE Results 2018

University Clearing 2018

How to apply through clearing - all you need to know from UCAS

A Level Results 2018

What was new about this year's exams? - as explained by BBC News

School League Tables 2018

School league tables: See how your secondary school has done - The league tables are now out, including results for both GCSE Maths and English, under the new 9-1 grading system

GCSE Results 2017

Half a million pupils get their grades with new grading in place for Maths and English 

New Grading System for GCSE

What is the new 9-1 grading system and why is it causing confusion as explained by the Telegraph

University Clearing 2017

Clearing placements at five-year high - early figures show

A Level Results 2017 

A-level results day 2017 explained in four charts

University League Tables 2017

The University League Tables for 2017 as published by the Guardian.

Support our chosen Charity, March 2016

If you would like to support our chosen charity the Eve Appeal – further details below, we will match all contributions up to £25 that are pledged when you apply online to one of our courses.

University League Tables 2016 The University League Tables for 2016 as published by the Guardian.
GCSE and A Level Reform 2015
Get the facts about GCSE and A-level reform, some of which will be taught from September 2015 onwards
GCSE 2015 Results - Passes up, Grades down
Most popular degree courses 2014
The next generation 

Where is the next generation of coders?

Angst books for teenagers 

Is there an 'angst canon' of books that teenagers read?

Better in 1851? 

School leavers 'less for ready for work than they were in 1851', research claims

Social sciences win! 

Social science graduates ‘more likely to get a job’ than science or arts students

100 Women 100 Women: Why tech needs a makeover to attract girls
Gove strikes again Government plans to overhaul GCSEs and A-levels at the same time will 'wreck' education, says Oxford University's head of admissions
Best quality of life

Out of 91 UK universities, Durham students have the best quality of life

Sharpen up your typing skills

Younger students may be well advised to sharpen up their typing skills! GCSEs and A-levels 'will be taken online within 10 years'

UK Universities in World's Top 20

The UK has 6 of the world’s top 20 universities – including Oxford of course. See the BBC article for the full top 20: Six of world's top 20 universities are in UK.

English and Maths for over 16s


If you don’t get it right first time, then you may be doing maths until you are 18 – the same for English. For further details see the BBC article: Teenagers have to keep studying English and maths.

Sleep Deprivation


We talk about the importance of sleep as part of our study skill – here’s the BBC’s take on this issue: Half of teenagers sleep deprived, say experts.

Ofqual Open Letter


Ofqual has just published its open letter to school about the forthcoming changes to GCSEs and A levels: Open letter to schools on changes to qualifications. Just in case you are interested here is a link to Ofqual’s home page – worth a look if you want details on forthcoming changes to GCSEs and A levels.

A Levels and January exams


Changes to A-levels and January exams, published by Ofqual